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Day (s) - 02 Nov 21
19:00 - 20:00



Play 3.0

World premiere! A high-tech feelgood show for everyone between 7-107!
Play 3.0

Welcome to Sirqus Alfon's innovative and modern dream game, Play 3.0! With humor, warmth and crackling energy, the acclaimed trio opens the door to their surreal world. Punk electropop, laser, artificial intelligence, iPad magic, music, dance and interaction alternate at a furious pace. Prepare for a digital game that gives life the pulse and the power of dreams to flourish.

For two decades, Sirqus Alfon has entertained audiences all over the world with its circus-inspired multi-expression where the combination of music, technology, humor and energy creates its very own genre.

In 2020, Sirqus Alfon was awarded the prestigious “best circus” award at one of the world's largest stagekonst festivals, the Fringe World Festival.
The audience is welcome to try games that Digital Spelkultur from Umeå provides one hour before the show (17.45-18.45) You can, for example, run Mariokart and other games from Nintendo Switch and play retro games on SNES mini and VR, Beatsaber.
The event is a collaboration with Nordmalings Kommun and Digital Spelkultur Umeå
Tickets:, Nordmalings Library and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Karin 070-3324824
Member with Scenpass SEK 175, Adult SEK 225 Youth under 20 years Free admission. Tickets can be picked up at Nordmaling's library

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