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Day (s) - 11 Oct 20
19:00 - 20:45

Rundviks Folkets Hus - Nordmalingsbygdens Folkets Hus


Bio - Inland

Inland 120: - 7 years
A young woman from Stockholm moves to her boyfriend's hometown a small community in the interior of Norrland. But the relationship ends abruptly even before they have arrived and she is forced to make another decisive decision. Despite the break-up, she chooses to carry out the move and gets a job in a grocery store. But the new society has other unknown codes. Here you leave the door unlocked, super at the hotel on the weekends, drive a car on the ice. How do you become part of something new? After Elin Willow's novel "Inland", Jon Blåhed paints the picture of a young soul without direction whose inner journey takes shape in the dramatic as well as small-scale grandeur of the outer landscape.

In the roles:
Irma von Platen Eva Melander Ann Petrén Albin Grenholm

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