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The stone church was probably built in the 1480s during the time of Archbishop Jakob Ulvsson. The first time the church is mentioned is in a court document from 1494. The church is one of the few medieval churches in upper Norrland. The walls form a single-nave, towerless hall church with three traverses, an extended sacristy in the north and a nave in the south. The church was damaged by fire in 1658, destroying the roof.

In 1721, the church was vandalized by the Russians, who also burned down the rectory. The church was rebuilt and in the 1730s new arches were built, star arches of wood based on medieval models and made by Hans Biskop from Finland. From this time also derives the organ gallery and the closed bench interior. In 1781, the sacristy was built and the organ gallery was widened. At that time, paintings were made, including on the grandstand, by Thomas Kiempe from Finland. In 1850, the interior was changed in a neoclassical spirit. New altarpiece and pulpit were carved by Olof Hofrén. A thorough restoration in 1950 under Erik Fant aimed at a return to the 18th century color scheme.

During a restoration in 1977 under Bengt Lidström, a new choir window was inserted with stained glass by Bo Beskow.
The current belfry was built in 1767 - 1768 by Per Zakrisson in Kubbe, Anundsjö and replaced an older dilapidated pillar. The small bell was cast in 1739 and the large bell was cast in 1761.

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