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Day (s) - 21 Sep 21
19:00 - 21:30



Britt-Marie was here

A love story about a woman who has waited a lifetime for her to begin. It is the story of communities on roads where football and pizzerias are the last thing that abandons people. Britt-Marie, 63, has just left her 40-year marriage behind and will start her life anew. The only job she can get is in Borg, a community about which the kindest thing you can say is that it is located by a road. Borg has nothing but football left. Britt-Marie hates football. This is certainly not the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Place: Oasis
Tickets: 300 kr, Scenpass: 250 kr, Youth: 150 kr & Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan / Karin Tjernström ( 070-332 48 24)

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