The mourning that was

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Day (s) - 21 Jan 22
19:00 - 21:20

Rundviks Folkets Hus - Nordmalingsbygdens Folkets Hus


The mourning that was

The mourning that was

We've seen the pictures. The children from Finland, with the nameplates around their necks. Those who came to Sweden during the war. But who were they? How did they feel? Is it the case that a war never leaves one in peace?

How do their experiences affect future generations?

Anna Takanen's father was one of these Finnish war children, and in Sörjen which became she takes us on a shaky journey in history. In an intimate and personal performance, she tenderly, slowly and painfully unravels her father's family history, and the complexity of being a child of war. Is it the case that war never leaves one in peace?

Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes, incl. break + conversation with Anna Takanen
Tickets: Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Karin 070-3324824
Adult SEK 225, Member with Stage Pass SEK 175 Youth SEK 100

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