Under the cap on Bengan Janson

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Day(s) - 09 Oct 22
18:00 - 19:30



Under the cap on Bengan Janson
After 32 years on stage, Bengan Janson is now doing his own show, Under the cap on Bengan Janson - the views of an accordion player, where he tells the artist memories from his many years on stage - a mixture of performance, music and stand up.
From the show: dragon lizards, Grammis, Hälsingland, spiders, Allan Edwall's mother, offspring, Calypso, Svend Asmussen, Polish shoes, Gotland sheep, Sven Tumba, family portrait, a whole lot of tour memories... and the occasional song of course!
Characteristic of the performance is humor, an almost improbable musical turn and a close contact with the audience.
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