Discover caves, Storrisberget

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Day (s) - 02 Sep 21
17:30 - 20:00

Storrisbergets nature reserve


Discover caves, Storrisberget

Come along and visit Tjuv-Antes and other caves in Storrisberget. Together we explore the caves and eat food cooked over fire. We learn how the caves in our vicinity have arisen and what has shaped them. That, in addition to a piece of cultural history, you will learn on this tour. We will climb, crawl, eel and walk to get into the caves. After finishing the cave visit, we go up to the top of the mountain to eat. Longer description: [Link].

Date: Sept. 2 at 5:30 p.m.
Nature / culture guide: Erik Johansson and Sofie Ahlberg
Education, interests: Erik likes cardio in general and nearby outdoor activities. Love the winter with associated activities such as long-distance skating and cross-country skiing. Sofie is a leader in Iksu outdoor and finds great joy in being in nature. Both on foot, in a kayak or on skis.
Contact: Send e-mail Tel. 076-8009690

The guide is organized by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation [Link]



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