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The shape path

Formstråket is a collaboration between us actors who operate in cafés, crafts and design along the 35 km long stretch Öre-Hörnsjö in Nordmaling municipality.

Formstråket is also the name of the event that we arrange regularly, as we are all open at the same time. During Formstråket, we often have invited guests, competitions or special activities in our respective stores. The current program is published here on Formstråket's website and in social media a few weeks before each Formstråk, as well as the date for the upcoming Formstråk.

Thoughts that unite us

We want to show that Nordmaling has a vibrant countryside with great professional knowledge and entrepreneurship and that there is unique trade and a solid range beyond the cities' large shopping centers. When you visit us actors in Formstråket, you come home to us, to the farms where we conduct our daily activities.

Some key words and thoughts that unite us companies and craftsmen in Formstråket are Quality, Genuine craftsmanship and an effort to think Sustainability and environment in daily operations. Plus a belief in cooperation and having fun together.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Formstråket 2022:

Söndag 8 maj kl 11-16. Formstråket firar 5 år!

Onsdag 13 juli kl 12-18
Onsdag 20 juli kl 12-18
Onsdag 27 juli kl 12-18
Onsdag 3 augusti kl 12-18

Söndag 18 september kl 11-16
Söndag 25 september kl 11-16

Lördag 19 november kl 11-16


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Nordmalings kommun
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