Sharpen the Pen

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Day and time
Day(s) - 28 Sep 23 - 30 Sep 23

Gräsmyr Lodge and rural farm


An exhibition for democracy and freedom of expression with works by satirists EWK (Ewert Karlsson), Max Gustafson,
Sara Granér, Magnus Bard and Marja Nyberg. Organiser: from the National Association of Village Halls.

Gräsmyr community center 28–30 September 2023

Opening hours
Welcome to Gräsmyr village/Gräsmyr lodge.
Thursday 28 September at 18.00–21.00
Friday 29 September at 13.00–16.00
Saturday 30 September at 14.00–16.00
Free entry / no registration
Coffee service in the village hall

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