Aspeå village farm

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Aspeåvägen 14

Aspeå bygdegård was built in 1890. There is kitchen equipment for 70 people, and the room can, for example, be used for conferences, exhibitions, private parties and the like.

Hembygdsgården is basically an old school that was built in the 1890s and used as such until 1954.
Then the village got it back from the municipality and the villagers invested in a new roof that would prevent the building from being destroyed.

In 1976, the women of the village gathered and decided to try to create a meeting place out of the old school. Through lotteries, auctions and timber sales, the newly formed local community association received start-up capital for refurbishing the farm. They also applied for and received grants from the state and municipality, but despite this, about 3,000 hours of voluntary work were canceled.

In the autumn of 1979, the refurbished homestead could be inaugurated.

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